Avoid the Dark

Fly fast and avoid crashing in this apo­ca­lyptic cityscape. Another fun game from Construct Arcade.

It took me a few times to get used to the controls but once I did this started to get fun. My high score so far is only 6511. I’ve made in a decent distance, but I haven’t been collecting as many tokens (fuel) as I should be. I tend to want to avoid any risky moves in favor of, you know… not crashing!

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  1. I like that the game has a leaderboard and other functionalities, but the gameplay at its core is too simple, and it also starts super hard, with no real flow.
    I think that most of the “coins-fuel” are put too close to the buildings, and it’s pretty hard to judge when and how to get them and move away. Also, using a different kind of input like a virtual handlebar or using the head to move right and left could have made it more immersive

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