1. OMFG this game is so rough, so many sharp edges, so little polish, and I can’t stop playing it!
    I must reach level 100!

    First time I was going to drop it after the first death honestly, it starts super slow and 100 levels starting over every time seem such a pain. But then reading the page I discovered that the game gives you permanent upgrades once in a while and I played again and won’t stop till level 100.
    I think this is the game I’ve played more on WebVR!

    Apart from being rough, the thing that would make it a better gameplay wise would be if the bosses were better balanced and more visible. If u just distract one sec they shot so much bullets that u basically die no matter how many armor/shield you have and it is pretty annoying. They also have so much health, at some point u basically blast through level till the boss that takes 5 minutes of just shooting and at it basically standing still if not to avoid the bullets.

    Reached lvl 70 so far!

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