Three Body

An interactive story based on the sci-fi novel Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. This experience has some incredible environmental design.

While this is technically an interactive1 experience, where it really shines is with the art style. The selection of colors and lighting make the low poly environment come alive. The interactivity is minimal, and the overall experience is short.

Read more about the development of this project here.

Learn more about Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu.2

The scholar
One of three suns

1Technical note: The controls did not work on the Oculus Browser, but if you have access to PC VR, they may work for you. It is still worth a few minutes on Quest, just to appreciate the environment.

2Note from Joseph: I haven’t read these books yet, but just added them to my reading list. It will be interesting to revisit this scene after I’ve read the books.


  1. The aesthetics and atmosphere are cool, but sadly I couldn’t move on my quest (as written in the notes above)

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